Jul 19

Winter in Albany

Australia is big, really big. I realised this when I was first here five years ago and retraced the route of my first road trip on a map. It had taken several days and we’d only covered the teeniest tiny bit of the south west corner. So, I resolved to come back and we’ve been in that corner for a month now and still barely scratched the surface.

Us inside a tingle tree, Treetop Walk. Valley of the Giants The last time I was here it was summer, one of the hottest summers I have ever experienced. This time I chose to visit in winter, knowing that it would be much more what we “poms” call autumn or maybe even spring, yes it’s probably more like spring. There’s been rain, but it comes all at once and just gets it over with in a very matter of factly Australian way. It’s been cold, but we’re talking just grab another layer cold rather than the hats coats and gloves cold that I’m used to. And most importantly there’s been sun, lots and lots of lovely warm, but not too hot, sun.

Very tall trees

Not only is the country itself huge, there’s a lot of big stuff in it. When we first arrived Nick asked if I’d been anywhere where there should be dinosaurs roaming around. I picked the rainforests on the east coast until I remembered the massive Karri  forests around Margaret River.  I particularly wanted to get back to see them and they are just as stunning as I remember. Driving along the sun dappled roads surrounded by trees so tall it’s impossible not to imagine the odd diplodocus nibbling on the uppermost leaves.

I did it twice!


Standing firmly on the ground, looking up, I’d managed to block out the fact that I have actually been to the tops, and now I can say I’ve done it twice. The Tree Top Walk at the Valley of the Giants could be described as my worst nightmare. A wobbling gantry 40m above the ground is not really the place for somebody with my fear of heights, but I couldn’t very well just sit in the gift shop waiting for Nick now could I.

I actually planted one of these giants last time I was here. It still has a little way to go, but as you can see, it’s getting there…

1-Picture 1083 My Karri tree







I do love a good tree…


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