Jul 4

Whatever next?

At this moment I’m sitting on a ferry bound for Dover, the final leg of an epic journey involving a hired car, a music festival, all our belongings, a stray bit of gravel and quite a lot of mud. We’ve driven around 1,700km in the past 5 days – and we’re still not done. Not by a long stretch.

So, how did I get here?

I arrived in the South of France on Bastille Day, just under three years ago. I’d recently spent a year travelling around the World on the proceeds of a job redundancy and didn’t really know what to do with myself. A friend, who’d moved out on sabbatical to write a book took me in for two weeks (thanks Phil!), which of course quickly became a longer stay when I realised just how beautiful a city Montpellier is. Nick had already been there for a year and we clicked straight away which made me want to stay even more.

Now, after weeks of packing, cleaning and generally not being able to leave the flat without a bag of stuff to donate to somebody (thanks everyone!), we are finally ready to embark on the beginning of our new life. The plan is to house and pet-sit our way around Europe to begin with and maybe later the World. Ludicrous, risky, utterly nuts, maybe but extremely exciting nonetheless.

So, here we are, on the third ferry trip in two days – and the second in the past few hours – tired, homeless and unemployed. But happy. The beer I’m drinking right now, may not taste great, but it’s certainly well deserved as the first in a long line of possibly hairbrained schemes has come to fruition. All our stuff is safely stashed or soon will be (thanks Mums!) the car has been returned albeit a little the worse for wear and Nick and I are still together.

Want to know what happens next? So do we…

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