Jan 5

View from the top

So, we’re in Catalonia. Living in the last occupied house on a dirt road into the mountains, right on the cusp of where humanity cedes any semblance of control back to nature. It’s an incredible place. There’s loads to say about life here – we’re running off solar power and have three wonderful animals for company – but for now I’ll let the land do the talking.

This is the view from my office.


Office view Catalonia


Sometimes I’ll half forget where I am, only to have my breath stolen by a view. Fetching my watch from upstairs, I’ll turn and be confronted with this…

  Stairtop view Catalunya


…or wipe the sleep out my eyes, open the shutters downstairs and, well, I simply don’t have the words.


Living room view Catalonia


And I haven’t even got onto my new best friend, the brilliant Marley, AKA PonyBear.


Marley AKA Pony Bear

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