Aug 29

Up the elephant and round the catty

Our next house-sit is just a short tube ride away, possibly the easiest and cheapest of our journeys to date. East along the Metropolitan line and then south to the end of the Bakerloo line, Elephant & Castle is about as far from the suburbs of West London as is possible despite the fact that it only takes an hour to get between the two. Wikipedia seems to focus on the fact that it is just one massive intersection, but does then go on to explain some of the history of the area that I am looking forward to exploring. Equidistant from Kennington tube on the Northern line the flat is situated in a wonderfully characterful terrace and even has a roof garden so fingers crossed for the weather.

 As with several of their neighbouring London boroughs, Southwark and Lambeth are in the process of being gentrified. I’m not really sure how I feel about this issue as a whole and am intrigued to see whether living there for even a short while will help me to form an opinion either way. I am looking forward to checking out some of the list of cafes, restaurants and markets that we have been given though.

Catty, the clue is in the name, is a beautiful little cat. A fall from a wall has left her with only three legs, but this doesn’t seem to stop her at all and she has one of the loudest miaows I have ever heard. Her favourite place to be is in a box under the bed, but she comes out regularly to be fed, as a thyroid condition leaves her permanently hungry. It’ll be difficult to adjust from the menagerie of animals that we leave behind, but the bustle of the big city will keep us busy I’m sure.

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