Nov 15

The dogs of Normandy

Me and the boys

I didn’t have a huge amount of experience with dogs before embarking on this doggy odyssey, cats were my forte, but I’ve come to also adore man’s best friend. The beagle has quickly become my favourite breed as we’ve had one at more than half of the sits at this point. I guess their intelligent and stubborn nature makes them hard to kennel, which is good news for us as I think they’re fantastic.

When I found out that we were to look after another beagle here in Normandy I was delighted and very intrigued as he is also part jack russell. Fender is an adorable dog, smaller than a beagle, but with the same face, velvety ears and stubborn, but loveable temperament. His brother Gibson, while not a beagle, has also stolen my heart. He is a Brittany spaniel cross and has a particularly human face, I think it’s the freckles that most endear me to him.

Fender and Nick chewing the fat

Fender loves food and is constantly on the lookout for any scraps he might nab, he’s wiley with it too and apparently often sets Gibson up to take the blame. I think he basically thinks he is a person and therefore can’t understand why he is treated differently. Gibson is just a big ball of love, they both are, but it’s more surprising given the fact that he was badly mistreated and almost died before he was found by his current family.

We’re in their temporary home right now, a rented house in the village of Saint Pois, we still need to find out if that does mean Saint Pea. Our hosts have just bought a secluded farmhouse, which they plan to renovate and live in while they then restore the adjacent 19thcentury barn and make that their home. There’s enough land there for both dogs to run around, dig and explore to their hearts’ content. We drive them up there daily and I work in the car as it’s the best place with a strong enough signal to tether the internet using our phone. There’s no connection at the house, but that’s another story.

Gibson digging a hole to hide his freckles

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