Jul 24

Spikes and skites

Our first full day in the Netherlands was an interesting one. Not only have we bought crickets and worms for the lizards that we are looking after, we’ve also been shopping for supplies for us humans.

Spike the bearded dragon

The supermarkets here seem rather small and oddly laid out. Clogic is the term we were told to explain this and I think we may be using that a lot here. They also offer free tea and coffee to their patrons. We didn’t partake as it was way too warm, and I wonder if anybody else ever does.

The streets have an almost Stepford Wives feel about them, it being the summer holidays and so quiet. The people we have encountered seem pretty happy with their lot though and have been very helpful given the fact that we know so little of their language. Hoofddorp, well what we have seen so far of it, is definitely a lifestyle city.

A half hour’s walk from where we are staying is Toolenburg lake where you can sail, swim, sunbathe or even skite. This, we found yesterday, is where most of the people that are in still in town chose to be. Nobody was skiting as  it was very busy with little wind and after a rather unfortunate experience with a similar lake near Belfort in France recently I’m a little reticent about giving swimming there a try. It is very hot at the moment though so I may have to brave it and hope that the outward efficiency of the rest of the town has been extended to the cleanliness of the water!

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