Aug 2

Saved by the beagles!

Today I got my first paid (hopefully) “virtual” job through Elance. I woke up to find the good news among my emails and after the usual shower, breakfast etc began putting together my research materials using the internet. After a couple of hours my head was thumping so we broke for an earlyish lunch, gave the lizards theirs and then took Beru and Boba the beagles for a walk.

It wasn’t a remarkably different walk than usual, but the “hairy kids”, as they are known by their owners, have a real knack for having fun. Watching them sniffing, running, play fighting and then sniffing some more allowed me to clear my head and return to work this afternoon refreshed and ready for more.

Having stopped for the day, I’ve just taken them out again. The sun even made an appearance, but sadly the wind hadn’t dropped at all. This doesn’t matter to me you understand, but it does make it easier on the hairy kids for sniffing purposes!

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