Jul 26

Saddle-sore in Hoofddorp

Another beautiful morning in Hoofddorp called for an outing a little further afield today so we put together a picnic, grabbed the bikes from the garage and off we went to Haarlemmermeerse Bos.

Pointed out to us during a walk with the dogs, by their owner on our first day, the Bos (wood) is a lovely park with not only woods but a lake with a beach about a 20 minute ride from where we are staying.

After a brief sit in the shade by the lake to eat our picnic, we had a nice long walk to take in the sights. A short way around we found Vork en Mes restaurant, a quite stunning building with what can only be described as a waterfall on the roof.

Nick wants to go back to sample the Dragonjoos, but I’m not so sure until we’ve checked the translation! These guys looked pretty friendly though, but I’m not sure if they’re still meant to be there this late in the year.

Further along the walk we found a little fort built from well anybody’s guess really, but pretty cool to explore nonetheless.

Finally, we went for a dip in a quiet section of the lake, away from the beach, and I’m very pleased to report that there wasn’t a turd or dead fish in sight!

We’re back home now, the dogs haven’t destroyed the house in our absence and don’t seem too upset that we didn’t take them with us. We may next time if it’s not as hot outside.

I think it might be the perfect time for one of these. A cup of tea topped with an aptly named Sticky Treat. Purely medicinal for my tender buttocks of course. Big thanks to our host Sarah for leaving them for us.


  1. katie

    July 26, 2012


    Sounds like you’re having fun! When are you going to explain about the incident with the lake near Belfort? Or are you just planning to keep dropping tantalizing clues (i assume it relates to the turd comment)?

    • Mel

      July 27, 2012


      Ha ha Katie, here’s the story just for you. On a break during Eurokéennes, we needed to cool down and get clean, as you do at a three day festival, and decided that the best way would be to go for a swim. I got the details from the local tourist info, but stupidly didn’t realise that it would be so busy.

      Basically, we took it in turns to go for a swim. I should’ve guessed from Nick’s face when he came out, but was so hot I didn’t care. I’d not been in long when a very large turd floated by and to escape it (why I thought this was a good idea I’ll never know) I went underwater. My head hit a net that they used to pen people and presumably faecal matter in so I went under again. Idiot! I surfaced the second time to see a dead fish floating by and then decided to leave the water feeling dirtier than when I’d gone in.

      Luckily we found some showers so were able to rinse off. They were next to the lake though and the water was cold so probably came from said lake. I tried not to dwell on that at the time as it was the only option. We got soaked later that night by a thunder storm and I didn’t get sick from the small amount that I swallowed while submerged so all was well in the end.

      So there you go, I have swum in other French lakes and rivers that were perfectly fine for the record. Cheers!

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