Jul 22

Quotes and queues

Sitting at the airport waiting to board the first of many flights that we will need to take in the coming months. Very much looking forward to seeing our new home, for the next three weeks anyway, in Hoofddorp. The past few weeks have been filled with visits to family and friends so it will be nice to be stationary for more than a few nights. 

Most of the jobs, the important ones at least, have been completed and Nick & Mel’s Big Spreadsheet of Stuff That Needs Doing (NMBSSTND) is looking much more manageable. The biggest hurdle so far has been finding travel insurance. Nearly all of the insurers we contacted wouldn’t touch us because we don’t have a permanent address. Apparently they need this for repatriation purposes, but given the fact that nobody would be there to answer the door or the phone it’s difficult to understand why.

Only two insurers, World Nomad (extremely expensive) and Worldwide Insurers were able to offer us quotes and the latter initially replied no to my email. A phone call to BIBA eventually connected us to them and several questions later we have their budget Europe option at £79 for the next four months. This doesn’t cover the full value of our belongings, but then most policies don’t. A lot of them aren’t worth the paper they’re written on to be honest.

So here we are, at Manchester airport, waiting for a late flight crew. We’ve used up the free 30 minutes of WiFi available and the queuers are becoming impatient. What awaits in Hoofddorp remains to be seen. The two beagles, miniature poodle, cat, 4 lizards and fish aren’t even aware of our existance at this moment. 

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