Sep 1

Puppy love…

Been wondering how we got on with our mission to re-aquaint Ginger the cat with Willow the dog? Well here’s evidence of the result. It took a while and lots of crying, from the animals not us, but we did it. Things became a bit complicated when Willow came down with an unrelated illness, but a trip to the vet with both of them and she seems to be on the mend.

Not only can we now empathise with my hero Rolf Harris, but there’s been a certain amount of Gillian McKeith type behaviour too. I’ll leave the rest of the explanation of that to your imagination and rest assured there aren’t any photos.

Anyway, the new found friends have been reunited with their family and we feel very happy to have had a part in making it happen. We’ve been promised a “grumpy” dog in Brittany later this year and say bring it on! We may be regretting that once we get there, but we feel prepared for just about anything now. Cocky, no way, every pet brings their own little challenge. We’re just that bit better equipped to deal with whatever that may be.

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