Apr 14

Aveyron and on and on…

Lots of people have asked "don't you get lonely?", the answer is of course yes.

Mar 29

So you want to be a house-sitter? Part 1

Most people have been extremely positive about our lifestyle choice, at worst folks think we're a bit mental, maybe we are.

Mar 25

Steam? Check. Remove critters? Check

"Is this your first time?" We nodded. "It's better than it looks," she continued, pointing at a bath. "We steam it first and remove the critters." Oh, good...

Mar 22

A very Irish St Patrick’s Day

If you've been following us for a while you know that I was somewhat bemused by our experience of Armistice Day in Normandy.

Mar 15

Only happy when it rains!

We're in Ireland and it's raining, it's why the Isle is called Emerald I suppose and goes with the territory.

Mar 10

House-sitting highlights – Catalonia

Seven weeks down a 2km dirt track in the middle of nowhere may sound like a long time, but it went way too quickly.

Mar 8

Poble Vell in pictures

Nothing could really have prepared us for what lay behind the closed, but not locked gate at Poble Vell. We could have spent days taking photos out there, but here are just a few.

Feb 12

The Feet

We were starting to lose hope when we came across 'The Feet.'

Feb 12
Marley and Viva walking

A day in the life of BlueBlue, Marley and Viva

A tale of unprovoked sibling violence, joyous walks and tal vez mañana. Or just another day in the life of BlueBlue, Marley and Viva.

Jan 21

Smelly shoes, borrowed lives

When I left home my dad gave me two pieces of advice: have a routine; and never wear the same pair of shoes on consecutive days. Good advice? Read on...