Oct 26

Man chop wood, woman make fire

This housesit has been the most rural so far, what with the chickens, geese and two beaten up four wheel drive vehicles. OK that’s a bit of a stretch seeing as we haven’t actually been off road, but hey we’re practically on a farm here. We’ve got into a rhythm of collecting one chicken egg a day (I think we lost another chicken, but haven’t found her yet) and a goose egg every other day. Both kinds are the most delicious I’ve ever tasted, but there’s more on that in another post.

Nick with his chopper

I drive one of the battered vehicles every day, yes on the right hand side of the road, only for about five minutes down the same stretch of open country road though. The purpose being to take the dogs for their daily walk. The run up to this event is noisy, excited and marginally suicidal when you are trying to reverse out of the courtyard with a grumpy dog in your lap and three others barking at Voltaire, a neighbour’s dog who is often waiting outside the gate. Things don’t really settle down until we get back and everybody’s been fed, but it’s all just doggy high jinks and you have to quite literally go along with it or be crushed by the chaos.

The rest of our day is split between working, vacuuming up dog hair, tidying up accidents, shopping and sometimes an afternoon out. We’ve also learned several new skills, chiefly how to chop wood. A brief look on YouTube and an axe later, Nick only needs a flannel shirt and a career in the Canadian mountains is his. I’m not quite so good at it so have taken to just burning what he chops. I’m better at that.

Right now I’m sitting in front of the fire I just made, with a glass of Breton cider, squashed into the middle of the sofa by a dog on either side while Nick is in the kitchen busily making a lovely Friday night dinner. Leo is enjoying one of his favourite pastimes in trying to catch a fly. He doesn’t usually manage it, but it’s funny to watch him try. Jacob is asleep and resembles a puppy all curled up in a ball. The fly keeps landing on his head, I do hope Leo doesn’t notice or all hell will break loose.


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