Aug 26

I love London!

Being in London in a house with a dog, two cats, two rats and a hamster has meant that we’ve been really busy, but seeing as we’ve actually had a request for more posts (thanks Katie) we’d better oblige. In the past 10 days we’ve been lucky enough (thanks to doggy day care) to go to the British Museum, Lords, Kew Gardens and the Empire Leicester Square. I’m certain that Nick will also give you his take on each of these adventures, but here’s mine anyway.

The British Museum is one of my favourite museums in London, the fact that there is virtually nothing British in it is part of the appeal. It was fantastic for me to be able to take Nick as he’s never been before and I, despite having been several times previously, still managed to see loads that I’ve never seen before. It wasn’t that busy, even though it was a Friday in August, and in the areas away from the Egpytian section and the Rosetta Stone we were often the only people wandering around, which was brilliant.

Us and some bloke at Lords

I worked in a building a street away from Lords for eight years and never managed to go in so when Nick suggested it I jumped at the chance. At £20 each, it used up a fair amount of our weekly budget, but it was worth it as being the last day of the test it was a third of the usual cost. We saved a little money by packing up some sandwiches and taking a bottle of wine rather than buying what was on offer inside. The match itself was pretty entertaining too, with the atmosphere peaking after lunch when the booze and sun fuelled crowd really got behind the team. Even though we didn’t win, it didn’t rain and we got almost a full day of play, I thoroughly enjoyed it all.

Kew Gardens

I’ve been to Kew Gardens before, but again it was completely different this time and I had a great day there exploring with Nick and his Mum, Pat. The David Nash exhibition was really something and again relatively empty. The tree top walk was a little high, and wobbly, for my liking but fun nonetheless. The day was topped off nicely by having a curry delivered to our door, something that would never happen in Montpellier! Thanks Pat for allowing us to stay kind of in budget.

Fright Fest at the Empire, Leicester Square was a first for me, but I’d definitley go again. Thankfully, Nick and Jo were able to find a “Mel’s nice film” ie one that wouldn’t give me nightmares in L’Arrivo di Wang and I’d definitely recommend this Italian sci-fi thriller. Be aware of the dodgy music that accompanies the final credits though, it’s a surprisingly poor choice for an otherwise decent movie. I did also like that in row D we were right at the back of what the organisers described as the living room. To be fair the screen in our actual living room is almost as big, but more of that later.

So there we go, there are some of the reasons that we’ve not posted in a while. I hope it was worth the wait, there will definitely be more coming soon, I promise.



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