Dec 13

House-sitting highlights – Walthamstow

We were only in the house of love (E17) for a couple of days so here are the highlights. I still can’t get the song out of my head!


Mel - Boudicca and Jeremiah are old friends, I first looked after them just after I moved to Montpellier three and a half years ago. They seem smaller now somehow, but I think that may be down to Mr Ginge who is by far the largest cat I’ve ever met.

Nick – As I may have mentioned before, ginger cats are just cool. Jeremiah is no exception.


Mel – Walthamstow’s not an area of London I’d previously explored, but I’d definitely like to go back. The William Morris museum was a great find, particularly Nick’s puppet show, thanks for the tip Jess!

Nick – Walthamstow high street on market day.


Mel – Watching Nick being woken up at 5:30am by Boudicca, basically just standing on him.

Nick – Alarm goes off. Arm reaches out to stop the bloody thing. Try to stretch legs. Can’t. Confused. Look down bed. See perturbed looking cat who – until moments ago – was happily asleep on my feet. Go back to sleep.


Mel – We spent Saturday evening in the World’s End in Camden. It was great to catch up with some old mates in one of my favourite pubs. I’ve been meaning to take Nick there since we met and I think he enjoyed it, especially when they played some Mastodon.

Nick – A trip to Screen on the Green to see Seven Psychopaths.

Food and drink

Mel – Takeaway curry on a Friday night should be made compulsory and if you get a chance check out the South American tapas at Comedor.

Nick – After spending two months in the land that spice forgot – or France, as some people know it – food with a bit of umpff was joyous.

It made me think…

Mel – What do they pay the Tesco staff on Forest Road, they were by far the most efficient supermarket team I’ve ever encountered!

Nick – Mark Kermode was on to something when he said: “We turned our living rooms into cinemas and our cinemas into living rooms, and now there’s no one left to ask, ‘What’s wrong with this picture?’”


  1. Auboiroux

    December 14, 2012


    What a honest and clever post…

    Love you guys !

    • Mel

      December 14, 2012


      Thank you! xx

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