Dec 11

House-sitting highlights – Normandy

We’re safely in our latest house-sit in York having done another quickie in London at the weekend. More to follow on those, but we can’t forget the highlights of our last few weeks in France for a while.


Mel – The boys were great despite their love of nicking porridge from the packet. I miss their cheeky little ways.

Nick – Fender and Gibson: Hole Diggers Extraordinaire. Awesome dogs digging big holes – what’s not to like?


Mel – Normandy in Autumn was perfect. We watched avidly as the leaves changed and slowly fell, just beautiful.

Nick – Omaha Beach and the nearby Pointe du Hoc. On a weirdly still, quiet day, both were haunting places.


Mel – Sitting in the car eating our sandwiches and Nick pointing out the cow that was having a massive wee in the next field. And when Nick uttered the words “Nothing can go wrong now” and all the lights went out.

Nick – The look on several cows’ faces as Fender and Gibson dug frantically on the other side of the hedge. At the start just one cow stood staring at the dogs. By the end a small crowd had gathered.


Mel – Probably Indigènes on dvd. It made me cry, but most films do.

Nick – I’m going for a book again, this time it’s Dylan on Dylan.

Food and drink

Mel – The basque squid stew that Nick made and the fresh mussels, I’ve never seen them so big.

Nick – Pig’s ear. Yup, turns out dogs are on to something, pigs have surprisingly tasty ears, especially when stuffed with sweetbreads by the chef at the excellent Le Moulin de Jean. Offaltastic.

It made me think…

Mel – What did we do before the internet?

Nick - It might be fun to dust off that loosely held, Grand Designs’ inspired, desire to renovate an old property

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