Sep 11

House-sitting highlights – Kennington

Two weeks in Kennington and I’m hooked on London again, I really will miss my favourite city in the World…


Mel – Catty was adorable, particularly when she was ignoring Nick’s attempts to entertain her with her toys. Cats are brilliant for showing you your place.

Nick - Catty is a great cat. A particular highlight was her jumping onto the bed – landing inches from my face – during the night. Made me jump but very funny, particularly when she did it to Mel a few nights later.


Mel – The river Thames. We were only a half hour walk away from one of my favourite places in the world. A quick walk to find the Shard quickly turned into a full afternoon of ambling from London Bridge up to Tower Bridge across to the Tower and back down to Waterloo via Gabriel’s Wharf for a refreshing pint. It really was a beautiful afternoon for a riverside stroll. Gave us the chance to buy tickets to see Citizen Kane at the BFI too. I’ve only ever been in there to use the loo before.

Nick - I’m going to cheat a little and go for the whole Kennington / Elephant and Castle area. Decent shops, pubs, restaurants etc and well located for getting to the rest of London.


Mel – When David Weir crossed the line in the 1,500m final at the Paralympics. We had seats in the very back row of the press section so a perfect view of the finish line. Remembering the Mexican wave like roar of the crowd following him round the track still gives me goose bumps.

Nick - The first time I heard the roar follow athletes around the track at the Paralympics, like a sonic Mexican wave. It was louder for David Weir in the 1,500m later that night but I was ready for it by then. The first time knocked me sideways.


Mel – At the risk of repeating myself, Citizen Kane at the BFI and of course the Paralympics if that counts as entertainment.

Nick - Citizen Kane at BFI Southbank. There’s nothing left to say about the film – if you haven’t seen it, do – but it was a treat to see a great flick at BFI.

Food and drink

Mel – Eel is surprisingly good. I wasn’t brave enough to try it jellied, but enjoyed it stewed with mash and liquer at Arments and deep fried Chinese style at Dragon Castle (turn up your speakers before launching this one, it’s a bit Fort Boyard!).

Nick - Pie, Mash and Liquer at Arments. As a pie lover it was a treat to try this traditional London meal at a local institution. And I wasn’t disappointed. Great pie, great cafe.

It made me think…

Mel – I love London, end of.

Nick - There a few better places than the UK when the sun’s out. Now if only we could do something about the other 300 odd days a year.

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