Sep 4

House-sitting highlights – Eastcote

The past three weeks have been something of a homecoming for me, back once again in the gravitational pull of London. But for Nick it’s his first time living anywhere in the UK that’s more than a few miles south of Manchester. So, we came at our stay in the West London suburbs from different angles. Did this affect our experiences? Read on…


Mel - Willow has been a handful to say the least as has Ginger at times, but watching them become friends has been really lovely. I’m glad that they can now be in the same room together without major incident.

Nick - Willow is brilliant dog. Affectionate, eccentric, fantastic looking – there’s very little not to like. But it’s got to be Ginger. Or, as I named him, Mr Ginge. I’ll always remember Mr Ginge as the cat that taught me – nay, forced me – to love cats. More on this soon.


Mel - It’s been great to have a garden, especially with the pool and the bbq has been well used. The suburbs aren’t really for me, but with London so close by you can’t really knock Eastcote.

Nick - Kew Gardens probably. I bloody love plants.


Mel - My favourite moment was when Nick was concerned that Ginger the cat was “making a funny noise” and “might kill him”. Ginger was simply purring very loudly and has successfully converted Nick, who always had dogs growing up, into a cat person too.

Nick - Walking out on to Leicester Square after seeing Berberian Sound Studio. After being immersed in a film the real world looks more cinematic, dramatic and significant to me for an hour or so. But it’s always visual. I’ve never had the experience with sound. Berberian Sound Studio changed that. A wall of noise greeted me on Leicester Square, with occasional voices bubbling up above the background burble. I’ve never been more aware of sound, from the cacophony to the individual cough. Another reason to love cinema.


Mel - Toy Story 3 on the 3d TV in the lounge and the Lavender Hill Mob, not in 3d of course.

Nick - The fifth day of the England vs South Africa test match at Lord’s. A very entertaining, if slightly barmy, day’s cricket for £20 a head. Brilliant.

Food and drink

Mel - All the things that we made from the River Cottage cookbooks in the kitchen and the cakes. Not forgetting the crumble made with fruit found in the park and the garden.

Nick - BBQ.

It made me think…

Mel - I miss London, but don’t know if I’d want to live here again full time.

Nick - Maybe all cats aren’t trying to kill me.


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