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House-sitting highlights – Ballycastle

After spending a month with a tribe of goats, waddling of ducks, and peep of chickens, plus a dog and yet another excellent ginger tom, in Ireland, we decided we liked it so much we’d go back. Here are our highlights from across the two house-sits.

James' favourite game


Mel – I miss James, Marmalade and the goats, but I don’t miss the bruises from Billy’s horns.

Nick – Baby goats are very cute, some dogs suit human names, ginger tomcats are always brilliant.


Mel – The rocks at Downpatrick head. Could have stood there forever watching the waves.

Nick – In front of the 4,300 year old Scots Pine tree at the heart of Céide Fields visitor centre.


Nick pondering the meaning of who knows what on the cliffs at Downpatrick head

Mel – Lying on my back in the grass after I’d fallen while running away from Billy’s butting. Not knowing whether to laugh or cry, I chose to just lay there for a while chuckling to myself. Oh and the seaweed bath, best bath ever.

Nick – Watching the waves crash in on the coast near the sea stack at Downpatrick Head.


Mel – Watching the ducks wandering about, always together, always in a line.

Nick – Friday nights at An Bolg Buí Pub in Ballina. A two-piece band with guitar and double bass playing Irish ballads alongside tunes by the Beatles, Leonard Cohen and others.

At the end of the rainbow there's a Billy


Food and drink

Mel – Definitely the fish and chips, sporks are awesome.

Nick – Eating fish and chips in an increasingly steamed up car in Ballina car park. We had planned to go for a proper sit down meal, but, unbeknownst to us, Ireland is a booze-free place on Good Friday and everything is closed. Lesson learnt.

It made me think…

Mel – Ireland is much better without the tourism. I know that they need the money it brings, but I hope that this bit stays as unspoilt as it can.

Nick – How did that potato waffle end up in the river at Westport?


Waffly versatility at it's best??

Waffly versatility at it’s best??

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