May 12

House-sitting highlights – Aveyron

Aveyron turned out to be the highlight of the trip so far. So much so that we plan to return early next year and hopefully look for a place of our own there. Don’t worry though, there will be plenty more house-sitting adventures to come! Here’s why we loved the place… Lucie and the radio, Aveyron

Wilkie, Aveyron Pets

Mel – Pépi, Léon, Wilkie and Lucie had a real calming effect on me and I loved spending time with them all. I can’t wait to be with them all again in the new year.

Nick – Donkeys. Are. Awesome.


Mel – We didn’t do a huge amount of sightseeing as we really didn’t need to venture far from the house. Watching the spring change the landscape daily was just beautiful. Every time I looked out the window the view had changed and the colours were more vibrant than I’ve seen anywhere else. Even when it was a grey day it was beautiful.  Forget-me-nots by the Lot, Aveyron

Nick – The various views of the river from the house.


Mel – coming down from the mountain side after our walks with Wilkie and meeting the donkeys heading the other way. It only happened a couple of times, but they would come and say hello before continuing on to find their own adventures. Pépi and Léon



Nick – Finding Pépi. Some context: on one of our first nights the donkeys weren’t waiting for their dinner as usual. So I went up the hillside looking for them. Léon emerged fairly quickly. Pépi was more problematic. After much clambering I eventually found him stuck on a terrace, too scared to go up or down. An hour or so later, Pépi was still on the ledge, we were both soaked from the rain and the light was fading. My efforts to sweet talk Pépi and bribe him with buns had failed. I brought him his dinner and, reluctantly, left him on the hillside for the night. After a restless night I emerged to find Pépi at the bottom of the hill, having found his own way down. Seeing him then was my moment of the two weeks.


Mel – Sitting on the huge comfy sofa in front of the wood burner watching DVDs with a glass or two of wine.

Nick – Marigolds, donned. Podcast, on. Donkeys, present. Nettles, picked. Foraging was a lovely way to pass half an hour.

Food and drink

Mel – Nettles, lots of nettles. They’re actually really good.

Nick – Cheese from Laguiole. The real reason Mel wants a place here.

It made me think…

Mel – Let’s buy a place here…and get some donkeys!

Nick – Could a harness-winch contraption get a reluctant donkey down from a hillside?

Nick feeding Léon and Pépi, Aveyron

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