Jul 31

House-sitting highlights – Albany

Pebbles and the aviary A month in wintery Albany went way too quickly. The quieter summer months for our clients in the northern hemisphere meant that we were able to take more time off than usual and we certainly took advantage. There will be more to follow on all that we saw and did, but here are the highlights for now.


Daisy and the Aviary Pets

Mel – It was fun to have proper catty cats in Pebbles and Daisy, they definitely don’t think they are dogs. Watching Pebbles work out how to open the locked catflap was brilliant, until she escaped. Disappointed that we missed the finch hatchlings though and hoping that they have survived the colder weather.

Nick – The shy, scurrying quails.



Mel – Anywhere there were Karri or Tingle trees, love those trees, mostly from ground level.

Great Southern tree from below, WA

Nick – Wandering through the forest canopy on the Treetop Walk.

Wind turbine from below, Albany WA Moment

Mel – Looking up at the turbine at the wind farm. I could have stayed there for hours listening to the swish of the blades. And searching for perfectly miniature shells at Parry’s beach.

Balancing Rock at Castle Rock, WA







Nick – Seeing Balancing Rock and wondering, ‘how?!’ Great walk up to it too.




Mel – Watching The Block from the comfort of a lazyboy chair (I know one of the contestants) and Despicable Me 2 at the local cinema, “bottom”, he he. Oh and Doris, they were funny.

Nick – Cricket on free-to-air TV. It’s like being back in 2005, only the cricket’s not as good.

Food and drink

Mel – Elephants Rock cider, their ice cream is pretty good too. The machine mixes plain old vanilla with home made peanut brittle, yum. Not forgetting the Tim Tams, I’m going cold turkey as we speak.

Nick – Pie! I was unaware of Denmark’s reputation as a pie mecca – sort of like a sunny Wigan – until recently, but it’s well deserved. The bakery in Mount Barker does a mean pie too, but a place in Tasmania supposedly beats them all.  The recent addition of a week in Tassie to our itinerary is completely coincidental.

It made me think…

Mel – How tall will my tree be the next time I visit?

Nick – More gardens should have fruit trees.

Obligatory Koala shot!

Obligatory Koala shot!


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