Sep 3

Halloumi heaven

Whilst shopping on the Walworth Road I’ve found what  may become my favourite place of this house-sit. Recommended to us by the owner of the flat where we’re staying, it’s a Turkish grocery shop. This may seem odd coming from a Greek Cypriot, but when you know just how much I’ve longed for proper Halloumi cheese you will understand my reasoning. Or maybe you do still think I’m a bit mental.

Regardless, Halloumi is a much under-rated Cypriot cheese and I almost had to be dragged away from the huge selection of it, by a slightly bemused Nick. Btw, Nick, if you wake up one night and I’m not there you will probably find me sleep walking to this shop. Luckily it’s open 24 hours a day so I’ll be fine if I do.

Among the usual selection of fruit and veg, they also have fresh vine leaves. I did have access to actual vines in Montpellier, but hey we’re in the middle of London so I’m impressed. If you can’t be bothered with the fiddly, but rewarding, job of making stuffed vine leaves yourself they have the ready made variety in handy tins as well as loads of other tasty delicacies. If you do decide to try let me know and I’ll send you a recipe.

Nick made a fantastic brunch for us of baked eggs and roasted halloumi and vegetables, putting me well and truly in foodie heaven. It didn’t last long enough for photos sadly, but if you ask him nicely he may recreate it for you one day. Just delicious.




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