Oct 12

Geese, mushrooms and about a million chestnuts!

Don’t worry this isn’t a recipe, I’m still firmly vegetarian, I just spent most of last weekend peeling chestnuts from the trees in the orchard to make crème de marrons. It turned out pretty well and we’ve been having it in our porridge for breakfast, but I don’t think I’ll want to see another chestnut for a while.

I have also spent quite a lot of time with Bubbles and Gracie, my two new favourite birds. They absolutely love a dip in their hippo paddling pools and watching them is brilliant. Bubbles is such a gent, he always lets Gracie have first dip, and they let me get closer to them each time. I’ve taken way too many photos so will have to post them over on Pixmel8 as soon as I get a chance.

The other birds competing for my affections are the chickens who, if they continue to eat the dogs’ food in front of them, are not long for this world. We did sadly find one dead in the chicken coop this week but, upon checking, it seems old age is the culprit rather than any doggie fowl play (sorry). It was a bit of a shock to find the poor thing, but the others don’t seem to have been affected by the loss. The good news is that I finally found a clutch of eight eggs today, hidden in the mud under a very prickly bush. I plan to cook them for our dinner tonight, don’t worry I’ve floated them and they all sink to the bottom of the bowl. I think that means they are still edible or is it the other way around, I guess we’ll find out when we crack them later.

My other big find of the week has been the fungi, there’s loads of it! I’ve not yet been brave enough to venture to a pharmacy to see if any of what I’ve found is edible, but don’t worry we don’t plan to eat anything until it has been checked by at least two pharmacists. I’m pretty sure that these are not for the table, but there are some that resemble field mushrooms so I must get them verified. I just hope that they do that in this part of France as so far things here are quite different from what we were used to in the south.

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