Aug 2

Alaska in Australia

No, we've not actually encountered any real winter weather, Alaska is the name of the adorable 15 month old white labrador that we are currently minding.

Feb 2

Sunrise, moonset

One of the things that I love about our new lifestyle is not having to set an alarm every day. Nick still does, but I much prefer to wake up more naturally and usually do around the same time now anyway.

Nov 19

Good H, bad E – the life of a mobile internet junkie

Good H, bad E, internet forcefields and a fate worse than a fate worse than death. Just another day in the life of a mobile internet junkie.

Aug 3

Observations from one month as a digital nomad

On the morning of July 3 I boarded a ferry in Calais. I emerged in Dover 100s of words better off and with a newfound love for aquatic offices.

Aug 2

Saved by the beagles!

Today I got my first paid (hopefully) "virtual" job through Elance. I woke up to find the good news among my emails and after the usual shower, breakfast etc began putting together my research materials using the internet.