Aug 29

Up the elephant and round the catty

Our next house-sit is just a short tube ride away, possibly the easiest and cheapest of our journeys to date.

Aug 1

Molen and bioscoops

Haarlem, described as the younger sibling to Amsterdam, in its tourist pamphlet, has everything the larger city has and more. The canals, the beautifully wonky buildings and even the coffeeshops sit alongside a stunningly restored 18th century windmill.

Jul 24

Spikes and skites

Our first full day in the Netherlands was an interesting one. Not only have we bought crickets and worms for the lizards that we are looking after, we've also been shopping for supplies for us humans.

Jul 22

Quotes and queues

Sitting at the airport waiting to board the first of many flights that we will need to take in the coming months. Very much looking forward to seeing our new home, for the next three weeks anyway, in Hoofddorp.

Jul 4

Whatever next?

I'm sitting on a ferry bound for Dover, the final leg of an epic journey involving a hired car, a music festival, all our belongings, a stray bit of gravel and quite a lot of mud. We've driven 1,700km, but we're not done yet...