Jul 15

Birds and cats in the land of Oz

Over the past six weeks we’ve swapped Ireland for Australia, and 20 odd hens and ducks for at least as many budgies, finches and quails.

Apr 21

Foraged food – failures and fulfillment

I’ve a mixed track record of cooking foraged food. Some recipes - like nettle soup - have gone well. Others though...

Mar 6

Poble Vell – a history testified in the stones

The Spain I grew up with was summed up in four words: sun, sea, sand and sangria. Poble Vell is a bit different...

Feb 16

Hidden gems

Travelling, for me anyway, is about venturing into the unknown and discovering new things and experiences.

Feb 2

Sunrise, moonset

One of the things that I love about our new lifestyle is not having to set an alarm every day. Nick still does, but I much prefer to wake up more naturally and usually do around the same time now anyway.

Jan 17

Feliç Aniversari!

If you've seen the video of Nick smashing up a paper donkey then you'll know that last weekend was his birthday.

Dec 6

Bayeux and the beach

When I found out that we had a house-sit in Normandy my first thought, well my second after "mmm cider", was that I would finally get to see the Bayeux Tapestry.