Aug 16

Mission Possible?

It feels very strange to be back in the suburbs of London. I grew up in the South East and Eastcote, while in the West, is very similar if not a little leafier.

Aug 14

House-sitting highlights – Hoofddorp

So, after three weeks living an idyllic life in Dutch suburbs we've left Hoofddorp. Here's a snapshot of our favourite experiences from the trip.

Aug 8

What happens if you lose one?

We have been asked this question more than once since we began telling friends and family our plans. It is a valid question, as the responsibility of looking after somebody's cherished pet should not be taken lightly. Animals will be animals and sometimes, regardless of how well trained they are, they will surprise you.

Aug 2

Saved by the beagles!

Today I got my first paid (hopefully) "virtual" job through Elance. I woke up to find the good news among my emails and after the usual shower, breakfast etc began putting together my research materials using the internet.

Jul 24

Spikes and skites

Our first full day in the Netherlands was an interesting one. Not only have we bought crickets and worms for the lizards that we are looking after, we've also been shopping for supplies for us humans.