Nov 16

Swinging Guinea Pigs

Our final house-sit of the year brings us to the beach town of Rockingham, an hour south of Perth.

Aug 2

Alaska in Australia

No, we've not actually encountered any real winter weather, Alaska is the name of the adorable 15 month old white labrador that we are currently minding.

Jul 15

Birds and cats in the land of Oz

Over the past six weeks we’ve swapped Ireland for Australia, and 20 odd hens and ducks for at least as many budgies, finches and quails.

May 27

Kid Goat vs Kid Brother

The kid goat we're looking after in Ireland takes a shine to our guest...

May 24

Kidding around in Ireland

Wondering why we came back to Ireland…this explains it

Apr 14

Aveyron and on and on…

Lots of people have asked "don't you get lonely?", the answer is of course yes.

Mar 15

Only happy when it rains!

We're in Ireland and it's raining, it's why the Isle is called Emerald I suppose and goes with the territory.

Feb 12
Marley and Viva walking

A day in the life of BlueBlue, Marley and Viva

A tale of unprovoked sibling violence, joyous walks and tal vez mañana. Or just another day in the life of BlueBlue, Marley and Viva.

Jan 10

QUIETloudQUIET: Or why dogs are inverse Pixies

Even the most original things follow patterns. After looking after 13 dogs in six months, I've summed up dogs' responses to house-sitters in three words - QUIETloudQUIET.

Dec 14

Oop narth!

Yes, this confirmed southerner has ventured north of the Watford gap. The verdict, it’s cold, it’s wet, there’s freezing fog – basically the same as London then. Clearly I’m a bit of a fraud,