Mar 22

A very Irish St Patrick’s Day

If you've been following us for a while you know that I was somewhat bemused by our experience of Armistice Day in Normandy.

Sep 11

House-sitting highlights – Kennington

Two weeks in Kennington and I'm hooked on London again, I really will miss my favourite city in the World...

Sep 4

House-sitting highlights – Eastcote

The past three weeks have been something of a homecoming for me, back once again in the gravitational pull of London.

Aug 26

I love London!

Being in London in a house with a dog, two cats, two rats and a hamster has meant that we’ve been really busy, but seeing as we’ve actually had a request for more posts (thanks Katie) we’d better oblige.

Aug 14

House-sitting highlights – Hoofddorp

So, after three weeks living an idyllic life in Dutch suburbs we've left Hoofddorp. Here's a snapshot of our favourite experiences from the trip.

Aug 10

One night in Haarlem

This trip is not only a great way to see more of Europe, it is an exercise in deciding whether we can survive on freelance wages without the added pressures of rent and bills.