Jul 31

House-sitting highlights – Albany

A month in wintery Albany went way too quickly. The quieter summer months for work meant that we were able to pack it in though.

Jul 1

House-sitting highlights – Ballycastle

After spending a month with a tribe of goats, waddling of ducks, and peep of chickens, plus a dog and yet another excellent ginger tom, in Ireland, we decided we liked it so much we'd go back.

May 12

House-sitting highlights – Aveyron

Aveyron turned out to be the highlight of the trip so far. So much so that we plan to return early next year and hopefully look for a place of our own there.

Mar 10

House-sitting highlights – Catalonia

Seven weeks down a 2km dirt track in the middle of nowhere may sound like a long time, but it went way too quickly.

Jan 3

House-sitting highlights – York

York. Christmas. Fox Terriers. Here's what we liked best...

Dec 13

House-sitting highlights – Walthamstow

We were only in the house of love (E17) for a couple of days so here are the highlights. I still can’t get the song out of my head!

Dec 11

House-sitting highlights – Normandy

We're safely in our latest house-sit in York having done another quickie in London at the weekend.

Nov 13

House-sitting highlights – Brittany

Our five weeks in Brittany went in a flash, but it was great to be stationary for a while and to experience such a rural existence.

Sep 11

House-sitting highlights – Kennington

Two weeks in Kennington and I'm hooked on London again, I really will miss my favourite city in the World...

Sep 4

House-sitting highlights – Eastcote

The past three weeks have been something of a homecoming for me, back once again in the gravitational pull of London.