Apr 21

Foraged food – failures and fulfillment

I’ve a mixed track record of cooking foraged food. Some recipes - like nettle soup - have gone well. Others though...

Jan 17

Feliç Aniversari!

If you've seen the video of Nick smashing up a paper donkey then you'll know that last weekend was his birthday.

Dec 14

Oop narth!

Yes, this confirmed southerner has ventured north of the Watford gap. The verdict, it’s cold, it’s wet, there’s freezing fog – basically the same as London then. Clearly I’m a bit of a fraud,

Nov 24

Cost of living in Brittany – house-sitting on £100 a week

Brittany, as expected, proved to be cheaper than London. We spent more than five weeks living in a beautiful old house near Dinan for a grand total of £510. Who says travel needs to be expensive? And for that small outlay we got a lot.

Nov 13

House-sitting highlights – Brittany

Our five weeks in Brittany went in a flash, but it was great to be stationary for a while and to experience such a rural existence.

Oct 12

Geese, mushrooms and about a million chestnuts!

Don't worry this isn't a recipe, I'm still firmly vegetarian, I just spent most of last weekend peeling chestnuts to make crème de Marrons.

Sep 11

House-sitting highlights – Kennington

Two weeks in Kennington and I'm hooked on London again, I really will miss my favourite city in the World...

Sep 4

House-sitting highlights – Eastcote

The past three weeks have been something of a homecoming for me, back once again in the gravitational pull of London.

Sep 3

Halloumi heaven

Whilst shopping on the Walworth Road I've found what may become my favourite place of this house-sit.

Aug 14

House-sitting highlights – Hoofddorp

So, after three weeks living an idyllic life in Dutch suburbs we've left Hoofddorp. Here's a snapshot of our favourite experiences from the trip.