Dec 6

Bayeux and the beach

When I found out that we had a house-sit in Normandy my first thought, well my second after "mmm cider", was that I would finally get to see the Bayeux Tapestry.

Nov 24

Cost of living in Brittany – house-sitting on £100 a week

Brittany, as expected, proved to be cheaper than London. We spent more than five weeks living in a beautiful old house near Dinan for a grand total of £510. Who says travel needs to be expensive? And for that small outlay we got a lot.

Nov 13

House-sitting highlights – Brittany

Our five weeks in Brittany went in a flash, but it was great to be stationary for a while and to experience such a rural existence.

Nov 4

Beautiful Brittany

As our time here in Brittany comes to an end I've just realised that we've not really said very much about the place.

Sep 11

House-sitting highlights – Kennington

Two weeks in Kennington and I'm hooked on London again, I really will miss my favourite city in the World...

Sep 4

House-sitting highlights – Eastcote

The past three weeks have been something of a homecoming for me, back once again in the gravitational pull of London.

Aug 26

I love London!

Being in London in a house with a dog, two cats, two rats and a hamster has meant that we’ve been really busy, but seeing as we’ve actually had a request for more posts (thanks Katie) we’d better oblige.

Aug 14

House-sitting highlights – Hoofddorp

So, after three weeks living an idyllic life in Dutch suburbs we've left Hoofddorp. Here's a snapshot of our favourite experiences from the trip.

Aug 1

Molen and bioscoops

Haarlem, described as the younger sibling to Amsterdam, in its tourist pamphlet, has everything the larger city has and more. The canals, the beautifully wonky buildings and even the coffeeshops sit alongside a stunningly restored 18th century windmill.

Jul 26

Saddle-sore in Hoofddorp

Another beautiful morning in Hoofddorp called for an outing a little further afield today so we put together a picnic, grabbed the bikes from the garage and off we went to Haarlemmermeerse Bos.