Oct 6

Bats and Rods!

Two things I didn't expect to see on this trip...

Jul 19

Winter in Albany

Australia is big, really big. I realised this when I was first here five years ago and retraced the route of my first road trip on a map.

Mar 25

Steam? Check. Remove critters? Check

"Is this your first time?" We nodded. "It's better than it looks," she continued, pointing at a bath. "We steam it first and remove the critters." Oh, good...

Mar 22

A very Irish St Patrick’s Day

If you've been following us for a while you know that I was somewhat bemused by our experience of Armistice Day in Normandy.

Mar 8

Poble Vell in pictures

Nothing could really have prepared us for what lay behind the closed, but not locked gate at Poble Vell. We could have spent days taking photos out there, but here are just a few.

Mar 6

Poble Vell – a history testified in the stones

The Spain I grew up with was summed up in four words: sun, sea, sand and sangria. Poble Vell is a bit different...

Feb 16

Hidden gems

Travelling, for me anyway, is about venturing into the unknown and discovering new things and experiences.

Feb 12

The Feet

We were starting to lose hope when we came across 'The Feet.'

Dec 14

Oop narth!

Yes, this confirmed southerner has ventured north of the Watford gap. The verdict, it’s cold, it’s wet, there’s freezing fog – basically the same as London then. Clearly I’m a bit of a fraud,

Dec 8

All’s fair in love and war

I don't want to harp on about the war, but having spent close to three weeks in Normandy I can't just ignore it.