Jan 5

View from the top

So, we're in Catalonia. Living in the last occupied house on a dirt road into the mountains, right on the cusp of where humanity cedes any semblance of control back to nature.

Nov 24

Cost of living in Brittany – house-sitting on £100 a week

Brittany, as expected, proved to be cheaper than London. We spent more than five weeks living in a beautiful old house near Dinan for a grand total of £510. Who says travel needs to be expensive? And for that small outlay we got a lot.

Nov 19

Good H, bad E – the life of a mobile internet junkie

Good H, bad E, internet forcefields and a fate worse than a fate worse than death. Just another day in the life of a mobile internet junkie.

Nov 13

House-sitting highlights – Brittany

Our five weeks in Brittany went in a flash, but it was great to be stationary for a while and to experience such a rural existence.

Oct 26

Man chop wood, woman make fire

This housesit has been the most rural so far, what with the chickens, geese and two beaten up four wheel drive vehicles.