Jan 15

Nick vs The Piñata

My birthday fell during our stay in Catalonia. And they sell piñatas in our local supermarket. Think you can see where this is going...?

Jan 10

QUIETloudQUIET: Or why dogs are inverse Pixies

Even the most original things follow patterns. After looking after 13 dogs in six months, I've summed up dogs' responses to house-sitters in three words - QUIETloudQUIET.

Jan 5

View from the top

So, we're in Catalonia. Living in the last occupied house on a dirt road into the mountains, right on the cusp of where humanity cedes any semblance of control back to nature.

Jan 3

House-sitting highlights – York

York. Christmas. Fox Terriers. Here's what we liked best...

Dec 11

House-sitting highlights – Normandy

We're safely in our latest house-sit in York having done another quickie in London at the weekend.

Nov 24

Cost of living in Brittany – house-sitting on £100 a week

Brittany, as expected, proved to be cheaper than London. We spent more than five weeks living in a beautiful old house near Dinan for a grand total of £510. Who says travel needs to be expensive? And for that small outlay we got a lot.

Nov 19

Good H, bad E – the life of a mobile internet junkie

Good H, bad E, internet forcefields and a fate worse than a fate worse than death. Just another day in the life of a mobile internet junkie.

Oct 6

Cost of living in London: House-sitting on £660 a month

London is expensive. We knew this and were braced for our budget to evaporate. It didn't. During our month living in London we spent £662.54. You could do it for a lot less.

Sep 5

The forceful charm of Mr Ginge

You can't ignore Mr Ginge, you can't hide from Mr Ginge. He is the feline Chuck Norris. And he's bloody brilliant.

Aug 3

Observations from one month as a digital nomad

On the morning of July 3 I boarded a ferry in Calais. I emerged in Dover 100s of words better off and with a newfound love for aquatic offices.