Nov 16

Swinging Guinea Pigs

Our final house-sit of the year brings us to the beach town of Rockingham, an hour south of Perth.

Oct 6

Bats and Rods!

Two things I didn't expect to see on this trip...

Sep 30

A Second Spring

We've received more than a few, three is a few right, requests for more posts this week. I hope this doesn't disappoint.

Aug 2

Alaska in Australia

No, we've not actually encountered any real winter weather, Alaska is the name of the adorable 15 month old white labrador that we are currently minding.

Jul 31

House-sitting highlights – Albany

A month in wintery Albany went way too quickly. The quieter summer months for work meant that we were able to pack it in though.

Jul 19

Winter in Albany

Australia is big, really big. I realised this when I was first here five years ago and retraced the route of my first road trip on a map.

May 24

Kidding around in Ireland

Wondering why we came back to Ireland…this explains it

May 12

House-sitting highlights – Aveyron

Aveyron turned out to be the highlight of the trip so far. So much so that we plan to return early next year and hopefully look for a place of our own there.

Apr 14

Aveyron and on and on…

Lots of people have asked "don't you get lonely?", the answer is of course yes.

Mar 29

So you want to be a house-sitter? Part 1

Most people have been extremely positive about our lifestyle choice, at worst folks think we're a bit mental, maybe we are.