Aug 2

Alaska in Australia

Alaska No, we’ve not actually encountered any real winter weather, Alaska is the name of the adorable 15 month old white labrador that we are currently minding. Everywhere we go he draws attention from passers by, most making a comment involving the words “handsome” or “obedient”, some telling stories of labradors past with a wistful look in their eye, but my favourite are those who see him and just quietly smile to themselves. It’s quite a talent to be able to improve a person’s day just by being and it makes me happy to be part of his world.

Very much an alter ego of Leo, the black lab that we looked after in Brittany, the world needs more Alaska, but in a quieter, less headbutty way. Sometimes his excitement gets the better of him, but then he is the equivalent of an adolescent child, minus the sulking. He’s also very similar to Marley, the gentle soul that we left in Catalonia. It makes us miss them both all the more and dread having to leave yet another great dog.

Alaska and Zali

Nick, Alaska and a stick Alaska loves the beach and he loves other dogs, he mainly loves everything in the world ever and you can’t fail to be in a good mood when he’s the first thing that you see in the morning. He’s currently lying in the sun on the deck that we have made our temporary office. It’s a beautiful spot and makes working less of a chore, especially as it’s punctuated with regular “play breaks” and walks.

We don’t have a car here, but it doesn’t matter as we’re walking distance from everything we need. It’s good to be back in a pedestrian setting even though the suburban streets aren’t really set up for walking. Pavements are at a premium, but the green verges are fine to walk on and much prettier and I daresay environmentally sound than their grey counterparts.

Our hosts, used to regular guests via AirBnb, made us so welcome that we have even been round to their friends’ place for dinner since they left. Being as transient as we are I am really enjoying the social life, we have eaten many delicious meals prepared by our hosts, but invitations to other people’s houses are few and far between.

As well as the human and doggy interactions, we have also seen wild brush turkeys, flying foxes (more to come on those), a whale and her baby. We plan to visit the Koala hospital and go on a whale watching tour soon and I’ve even helped a goanna cross the road. All life really is here.

Goanna crossing the road



  1. Jason & Sybil

    August 4, 2013


    Hi Nick & Mel, we have just logged in from Chiang Mai and it looks as though the 3 of you are having a great time together. Keep enjoying the Alaska time :) We miss him. See you all soon. Jason & Sybil.

    • Mel

      August 4, 2013


      We will be really sad to leave him. Had Zali over for a play date yesterday, great fun! Enjoy the rest of your holiday xx

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