House-sitters Hello! We’re Mel and Nick, a British house-sitting couple. In 2012 we left our comfy existence in the south of France for a life of perpetual vagabondry. Here’s the possibly perfect, possibly preposterous plan:

Stay at other peoples’ homes,

    Sit their pets, plants, and property,

          Rollover to the next location.

So far it’s working. We’ve money ticking in from freelance writing and virtual assistant work, plus some fledgling side projects, and plenty of exciting house-sits lined up. In 2012 we stayed in Europe – Holland, France, Spain and the UK to be precise – but this year we’re broadening our outlook to take in, well, anywhere.

This life allows us to meet lots of great people, see and – because of the slow pace of travel – properly experience different parts of the world, and look after dogs, cats, fish, geese, hens, lizards, hamsters, and rats. And that’s just in half of 2012! As animal lovers this is one of the best aspects of the lifestyle.

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